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About links


1、当サイトへのリンクは原則自由です。ただしリンク先はhttp://o-matsuri.jp/ のみとします。









About links

1, You are free to post a link to our web site, in principle. However, the link destination is only http://o-matsuri.jp/.

Please do not post a link to other pages.

2, Links from web sites that include contents as listed below are strictly prohibited.

・Web sites that include adult contents

・Web sites that include the contents considered to be contrary to public order and morals

・Web sites that include the contents that are illegal or considered to be illegal.

・Web sites related to activities that are illegal or considered to be illegal.

・Web sites that may mislead the users in any way, including framing where this web site information is displayed in special frame when the user’s computer isconnected to another web site, not this web site.

3, If you do not agree with the notes or any description posted on this page for any reason, posting a link to this web site is not permitted. Also, you are required to follow our requests for a link correction or deletion.